Sexual Assault Victim: Hire a Lawyer to Know Your Rights and Options

Sexual harassment is not only illegal but it is also harmful to a victim as it can cause emotional damage. The victims of sexual assault usually feel powerless resulting in low self-esteem. In some occasions, the victims feel they are responsible for the harassment or for letting it go on as long as it did. Although the rape cases form the largest part of Los Angeles sexual assault claims, it is also important to note that the numerous state anti-discrimination laws and federal civil rights law has forbidden sexual harassment.

Sexual assault is defined as any unlawful sexual act that is carried out under threat of injury or forcibly against the victim’s will. It is important to note that anyone from elderly to disabled, adults and children can be a victim of sexual assault. If you are sexually assaulted or one of your loved ones is assaulted, you must not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you file Los Angeles sexual assault claims. If the victim of sexual assault is a minor, the parents could be able to recover monetary damages on behalf of the child.

Furthermore, parents can also file assault against a negligent establishment such as childcare service, school, church, medical institution and a security company among others for their role in making assault possible. If the assault takes place in a workplace, you can file a third party claim against the employer. There are two types of workplace sexual harassment that include the quid pro quo harassment where the assaulter uses the job as a condition for unwanted sexual advances and the hostile work environment where the victim was subjected to sexual assault because of his or her gender.


If you are a victim of sexual assault or harassment, it is necessary that you talk with a personal injury lawyer to know about your rights and learn about your options.